kde gone.......

Frank Frank at snapafun.co.nz
Wed Aug 25 14:36:50 CEST 2004

I have lost kde for now, (hopefully only temp....) but can still get 
into Xfce4 without any problems.  However,  I cannot  'dial-up' with my 
configured intel-536ep [ which I had working fine in kde with kppp ] nor 
can I connect with my Dynalink backup using wvdial, (though I think this 
is a wvdial problem and newbie not knowing enough at this stage.)

So, no kppp available because of kde falling over and no wvdial though 
it sees my old Dynalink.

Any suggestions?

[ I got mozilla fired up OK so no problems with browser or email client 
- just cannot connect at present.]

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