Starting Applications after xfce starts.

Gerald Barre g.barre at
Tue Aug 24 18:23:08 CEST 2004

Le Sun, 22 Aug 2004 16:55:31 -0400
"Paul Ladouceur - NUXTEK Informatique Inc." <paul at>

> Praveen Vikram wrote:
> >I need to start applications like kwikdisk,etc after
> >xfce starts. I tried typing the commands in xinitrc
> >but that does't work.
> >
> >Is there any certain script or something that xfce can
> >be made to execute after it starts fully.
> >
> >  
> >
> It depends of the xinitrc you modified...
> The one that xfce4 will use is: /etc/X11/xfce4/xinitrc
> In it, you'll find all part of xfce4 that get's started...
In it you have those lines:

# Start-up stuff from ~/Desktop/Autostart directory, if it exists
# (as it seems to be the new standard)
if test -d "$HOME/Desktop/Autostart"; then
  for i in `ls -1 -L ${HOME}/Desktop/Autostart/ 2>/dev/null`; do
    if test -x $HOME/Desktop/Autostart/$i; then
      $HOME/Desktop/Autostart/$i &

You just have to put the executable you want to launch in

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