panel font puzzle

Olivier fourdan at
Sat Aug 21 22:40:23 CEST 2004


It's not a bug in the panel, the DPI is probably modified by some of the
app you run (gnome or kde) and pango uses that info when rendering the
fonts, making your fonts look smaller.

By defaut, xfce sets a DPI of 96, like Red Hat does. Some see this as a
bug, but I want to keep it that way so we can have meaningfull font


On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 21:13, purslow at wrote:
> i just discovered something odd, which mb a panel bug (4.0.6 , Gentoo).
> when i start Xfce after a (re)boot, the panel is shorter with smaller font;
> if i exit Xfce without rebooting then restart Xfce,
> the panel is slightly larger & the desktop-switcher font distinctly larger:
> the difference is perhaps  9 pt  vs  12 pt .
> i had noted this before, but believed it was due to Kdeinit starting too soon;
> however, it happens even when i suppress the 'kdeinit' line in  xinitrc
> (i checked with  pstree  &  kdeinit  was not running on either occasion).
> my panel settings are 'tiny, vertical, right, curve, top, bottom, set'.
> there's a line in  ~/.xfce4/settings/gtk.xml :
>   <option name="Gtk/FontName" type="string" value="Helvetica 9"/>
> which mb causing the initial small font,
> but then what is resetting it larger when i restart Xfce after exiting it ?
> i can submit a bug report or put up screenshots,
> but before that does anyone have observations/suggestions ?
> BTW i prefer the larger font (smile).
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