XFCE: Use another GTK Engine

Sébastien Boetsch sboetsch at technodiva.com
Thu Aug 19 09:32:05 CEST 2004

Yes, I have create a link (I mean ln -s ...) in /usr/local to point on
/usr/share/themes and all goes fine (I have all my themes availables in XFce
config tools).
Only remains the problems of the warning I got when a ty tu use another gtk
engine than xfce (Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "XXXX"). But
I think it is the same problem.
I have to find where my build of gtk2.4 search for themes engines.


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Sébastien Boetsch wrote:
> When I use the Settings Manager,  all listed gtk themes are the one
> with xfce packages.
> All other themes (even if they are installed in /usr/share/themes/... and
> have a gtk-2.0 subfolders like Xfce themes) are not listed.
> Is there some environment variables or config files to setup?
> Perhaps the problem comes from the fact I builder GTK 2.4 because:

If you build gtk 2.4 from source and xfce as well, without changing
options, they will both install into /usr/local. The new gtk would then
look for themes in /usr/local/share/themes/, so there would really only
be the xfce themes available. Could that be what you're seeing?

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