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Chris Kassopulo ckasso at
Mon Aug 16 21:01:07 CEST 2004


I'm changing distros from slackware 8.1 to Suse 8.2.  In the
process of tailoring it to my preferences I decided to move
from xfce3 to xfce4.  I think it is the best wm out there and
with a few feature additions should be renamed Heaven.  But
that is not why I write.

In fact, perhaps the subject should be marked OT because I don't
believe the problem lies with xfce4 as other wm's show the same
behavior.  My purpose is to discover where the problem originates
and to try and get it fixed there.  I know this list has people
with relevent expertise.

I use emelfm 0.9.2, a small footprint, 2 pane file manager that
uses gtk.  It has 2 buttons on top of each pane that drop a
select menu when single clicked.  The menus are supposed to
remain until a selection is made or you click off the box.  One
menu is "Filters" and one is "Bookmarks".

It works properly under xfce3, fvwm2 and windowmaker.  With
xfce4, twm and mwm the bookmarks menu disappears when the mouse
button is released.  The filter menu works properly.

What do you think ... wm ... gtk version ... emelfm?

Chris Kassopulo

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