Panel icons are distorted

Maarten Sander mgsander at
Wed Aug 11 18:56:25 CEST 2004

Hi everyone,

I've got a little problem with my XFCE panel.  A couple of weeks back I 
accidentally ran ~/.xfce4/xinitrc while already running XFCE, so every 
app in there started twice, including the panel.  No big problem, but 
after that, the icons on the panel were all distorted!

I tried changing themes and resizing the panel, but every theme and size 
has the same problem; the icons seem to be zoomed and cropped.  It looks 
as if the top and sides have been cut off.  To be sure, I renamed my 
~/.xfce4 directory to something else and started with a clean config, 
but the problem remained.  Any clues?

I've got a screenshot up at 




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