Gentoo ebuild of CVS panel taskbar plugin

Andrew Conkling andrewski at
Tue Aug 3 15:40:05 CEST 2004

Hey there Gentooers,
It's my first ebuild!  And I think it works even!

Anyway, here's the taskbar plugin from CVS; the featured, uh, feature is that it can be set to dynamically remain the entire width of the screen, if one prefers.

Please note, it only works with redeeman's Xfce CVS ebuilds at the moment.  For information on setting that up, please see the following Gentoo Discussion Forums thread:  Alternatively, I imagine it would be trivial to change the dependencies to get it to work with the current stable release; frankly, I just modeled it after what I'm already running. ;)  (It's my first one!)

As it's very small, I've attached it; please pardon me if it's an unsuitable use of bandwidth.  (I have no webspace.)

Any questions should be directed to me, as it's not yet supported by those who make the CVS ebuilds.

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