2Qs - 'xfdesktop -menu' and changing desktops

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Sun Aug 1 06:49:47 CEST 2004

On Sat, 31 Jul 2004, Ian Beckett wrote:

> 1) When I try and bind the key combination Super_L+F1 (Start button +
> F1) to 'xfdesktop -menu' it doesn't work correctly. More specifically,
> nothing happens. If I switch out of xfce to tty1, there is a message
> saying it could not find the command xfdesktop -menu. However, xfdesktop
> is in my path, and I can get the menu by typing 'xfdesktop -menu' in an
> aterm and it works fine.

in the keytheme file, did you put quotes (single or double) around the 
command?  IIRC, there shouldn't be any.

> 2) Regarding switching from one desktop to another:
> If I switch from desktop four to desktop one (using ^F1, I believe this
> is the default keybinding), it takes me to desktop one as I would
> expect. If I then press ^F1 again (say I forget I'm on desktop one, and
> try to go there despite already being there) I am returned to the
> desktop I was at previously (in this example desktop four). Is there any
> way to disable this feature, as I find it quite irritating. I tried
> searching for an answer, but didn't find anything helpful.

yeah, i believe this "feature" was added a month or so ago.  i think 
it's a bit silly and confusing myself, but not my call...


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