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Philip Webb purslow at sympatico.ca
Fri Oct 10 00:37:16 CEST 2003

031009 Jasper Huijsmans wrote:

thanx for your helpful response: i will test further tonight.

> Op do 09-10-2003, om 15:09 schreef Philip Webb:
>> however, i have a few problems: (1) how do i get the workspace buttons
>> to show the names i have assigned them? they do in XFCE 3 :
> The thing you see in the panel is the graphical pager,
> it doesn't do workspace names. What you want is the desktop switcher
> which you can add to the panel from the right-click menu.

a further comment generally is that the dox don't cover anywhere near enough.
yes, i shd offer improved versions myself (i've done it for Lynx) ...

>> (2) how can i get a larger font in XFterm ?  it's too tiny ;
> xfterm4 is a shell script that starts xterm or another terminal
> if you set the TERMCMD variable. So, e.g. in ~/.bash_profile you can add 
>   export TERMCMD="xterm -fn 10x20" 
> and you should get large fonts in you terminal the next time you log in.

nice to know: ditto re dox.

>> (3) Mutt is not using the right colors (they're ok in XFCE 3 ):
> No idea. Could be some environment settings I suppose.

it mb another xterm problem: it's something to do w 'default' background,
which i originally encountered using Lynx long ago (and solved).

>> (4) how can i change the rather silly choice of desktop mouse-buttons
>> -- middle-click gets a workspace list & right-click a menu of commands,
>> while L-click does nothing -- : one sb able to choose what does what;
> Not currently. I'm thinking about adding an option. And it's not that silly,
> considering that most desktops have a menu on right click.

the best thing re XFCE is that it doesn't ape those other desktops (smile).

>> and a simple feature request, surely easy to implement:
>> can we get to set different colors for each workspace background ?
>> esp i want to make the background fire-red/yellow for my root terminal,
>> but also it wb much pleasanter to have varied colors for instant recognition. 
>> i do like the mouse on the lined background, but not all the same color.
> The phrase "surely easy to implement" never seems to be spoken
> by the people actually implementing that feature ... ;-)

KDE has done it since c 2.0 : perhaps a look at their code wd help ?

> I welcome all patches, this would be a nice feature indeed.
> Be sure to include a patch for the settings dialog.

i can read C , but have never done any programming in it
& you have to learn GTK as well, don't you ?  heaven knows where to start.

i'm very pleased to see that you agree my feature suggestions are good,
which is the main obstacle to getting anything implemented.

another suggestion came to mind while i slept today.
there needs to be a user-friendly way to choose which bits to start:
editing  ~/.xfce4/xinitrc  is ok for me, but not ordinary users out there.
esp i really don't like taskbars (M$ ugh!), but love the iconbox.
another item for the settings dialog ?

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