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Sat May 24 00:00:41 CEST 2003


On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 23:41, Lionel Laratte wrote:

> 1. Where do i configure the keybindings for the xfce window manager? in
> the settings i only got default.keys thing but i can't add new or modify
> it. (for example i want CTRL-G to run Galeon, or i want to make gkrelmm
> sticky but it dosent have a window border so i cant get the window
> manager menu for that window).

You can create your own key theme based on the default.keys theme.

Please note that the number of external commands is voluntarily low. I
don't think the window manager should be used as a general purpose app
launcher (and there are several apps out there that are designed
specifically for that purpose anyway)

As for gkrellm, well, gkrellm2 is (almost) compatible with the EWMH
standard, and it features an option for what you want. 

> 2. Is there some sort of "remember session" option as in Enlightenement?
> so as to when i restart my X session it would load my gkrellm at the
> right spot, and my terminal at the right spot, etc.

All xfce4 components are session aware (maybe except xffm) so that if 
you run a session manager such as xdm or gnome-session, xfce4 apps will
take advantage of it.

There is no session manager in xfce4 (yet).

> 3. The xfce4-iconbox dosen't want to work, it runs, says couldn't
> connect to a session manager (from what i read thats ok) and it seems to
> be running, but there is nothing anywhere on my desktop.

Several bugs have been fixed in xfce4-iconbox recently, so there is a
good chance that Debian package a bit too old.

> 4. Themes, i downloaded the themes packages, and download xftheme, but
> when i run in it with the path to my themes, it says that there is no
> them in there. Am i doing this the right way?

xftheme is for xfce3. No need of it with xfce4. Just use xfwm4 mcs

xfce-setting-show xfwm4


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