New to XFCE4

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Fri May 23 23:05:11 CEST 2003

On Fri, 23 May 2003 16:52:44 -0400
 Burger <burger at> wrote:

> 1. Where do i configure the keybindings for the xfce
> window manager? in the settings i only got default.keys
> thing but i can't add new or modify it. (for example i
> want CTRL-G to run Galeon, or i want to make gkrelmm
> sticky but it dosent have a window border so i cant get
> the window manager menu for that window).

Well I can say that Gkrellm has a setting in it's settings
 to make it sticky I believe. I can't look right now, but I
believe that's how I did it. 

> 2. Is there some sort of "remember session" option as in
> Enlightenement? so as to when i restart my X session it
> would load my gkrellm at the right spot, and my terminal
> at the right spot, etc.

Session management is still a work in progress or a work
yet to start or something. There's been a lot of talk about
it, but I don't know the status right now.

> 3. The xfce4-iconbox dosen't want to work, it runs, says
> couldn't connect to a session manager (from what i read
> thats ok) and it seems to be running, but there is
> nothing anywhere on my desktop.

Is it perhaps set to only display when something is


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