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nospam4jp at gmx.net nospam4jp at gmx.net
Fri May 23 19:32:57 CEST 2003

Hello users of that fast desktop,

XFce makes use of magic borders (I think, that's how it's called). That is,
when your mouse hits the border of your current desktop, it switches to the
adjacent desktop. That's fine, but I'd rather live without that feature. Is
there a way to turn it off? I'm using XFce3.

The reason is, I'm using an old notebook (actually, it's more like a
phone-book, if I consider the weight - well, if I carry it around long enough, it'll
make me loose my own weight.)  and it has a trackpoint (that tiny 
joystick-like rubber in the middle of the keyboard.) So, for me it's hard to hit the
title-bar of a maximized window without changing the desktop.

Besides, XFce really keeps that promise of beeing fast and small and looking
quite good. I run it on a portable Pentium with 150 Mhz, 80 MB RAM and what
shall I say? I don't need an expensive hardware-upgrade.

Thank you,


PS: Sorry for using this anonymous address, but I already have all my
mortgages cut down ;)

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