How do I change the bindings of mouse buttons in xfwm4?

Anders Dahlqvist dahlqvist at
Wed May 21 16:41:12 CEST 2003

I just built XF*4 from CVS. Seems to me the best WM ever,so  I've made a 
cron-job to check out the CVS on a daily basis. And it's  fast! If I didn't 
know better I'd think it was written in assembler.
I would like to change the deafult behaviour of the mouse-buttons so that I 
get the root menu when I press button 3 and get the window list on button 2.
Is this (yet) possible?
I've checked the mailing-list (briefly, I admit) and the global configuration 
files but haven't so far found anything to guide me.
I apologize if this subject has been up before.
Any help is appreciated.
Best regards


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		-- Calvin Coolidge

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