xfce and RH9

Srdan Tosovic tos at prip.tuwien.ac.at
Fri May 16 06:15:58 CEST 2003

One fairly simple way to add GNOME/KDE menus to xfce3 on RH9 is to run

desktop-menu-tool --dir=/usr/local/share/applnk \

/etc/X11/desktop-menus contains some other .menu files as well. --dir
can be any directory, /usr/share/local/applnk is one of the
directories read by xfce3 by default, so there is no need for
recompilation. This does not work with xfce4.

Speaking of xfce3 and RH9, someone recently asked about rpmbuild
errors. I sent a reply about that but I didn't realize I have to be
subscribed in order to be able to post a message, so I subscribed now!
:-) Anyway, there is quite a silly problem with the xfce.spec file,
with the %changelog section -- it contains few non-escaped %
characters that for some reason confuse rpmbuild on RH 9. So replacing
% with %% makes the build errors go away! :-)

I also want to add that xfce3 (and now xfce4) has been my primary
desktop environment since year and half now, and I really love it! I'm
quite terrible in organizing the little free time that I have, but
xfce is definitely the first project I would like to contribute to!

Keep up great work guys!

Greetings, Srdan

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