XFce - some minor problems...

paul paul at appleseed-cast.freeserve.co.uk
Mon Jun 23 20:19:25 CEST 2003

Hi there, 
first off, thanks for the amazing software :)
i've just started using XFwm and the Iconbox with Gnome 2.2, and it
I have a couple of problems however, which you may want to know about. 
The icon box seems to have (not a major) bug when a window re-names
itself.  For example, a nautilus window is open and i move from
/home/paul to /home/ - the window title will change also. When i am
/home/paul the iconbox shows 1 filemanager icon, but if i change dir's,
for a split second another file manager icon will appear, and then
disappear.  leaving me with one again.  it's not a show-stopper, but it
just doesn't look right :/

another thing, with the icon box again is the highlighting colour (of a
minimised application).  the light green colour isn't really dark enough
for it to stand out on my screen(it's a laptop). so i can't tell a
minimised app, from a non-minimised app.
if it was configurable through a config file, or a gconf key(dont know
if you use gconf?) i'd change it.


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