xfce4 comments

Collins Richey erichey2 at attbi.com
Sun Jun 8 20:57:54 CEST 2003

Looks pretty nice.  Does anyone have any resource usage comparison
between xfce3 and xfce4?

Just a little humor.  Way back when the taskbar first appeared in xfce3,
I suggested what is now the "autohide" feature only to be pounced on by
(seemingly) everyone "that's too much like M$ Windows!"  Lo and behold,
here it is and it looks great. <grin>

Based on my brief experience with the latest xfce4, I only find two
things missing:

1) the much maligned (or fondly remembered, depending on your
viewpoint) session manager to restart windows automatically.

2) The setup button should lead one to every setup feature, including
(but not limited to) xfprint and xfprint-manager.

Really fine job!

Collins Richey - Denver Area
gentoo stable - ext3

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