Panel and taskbar integration?

Brett I. Holcomb brettholcomb at
Wed Jun 4 05:11:56 CEST 2003

I know - I should have put some <G>s in or made clear I was directing my 
comments to the orignial poster.  However, I have KDE on a Caldera WS 3.1 
system and have used if for quite some time and am sick and tired of it and 
it's bloat and windows emulation features (random problems). Xfce is almost 
perfect (and I'm on xfce3!)  so if someone want's features like that they can 
run kde or gnome!   I'm building Gentoo systems and have installed xfce on 
them.  I'm in the process of migrating to Gentoo now and getting my stuff 
over there.

> On Tue, 03 Jun 2003 22:33:50 -0400, Brett I. Holcomb wrote:
> > We don't need the panel piece of junk like KDE.  It causes enough
> > problems in KDE - keep it there.
> >
> > xfce is designed to be simple, light, easy to use.  Let's keep it that
> > way.
> Relax Brett. Nobody is suggesting that at all. I was merely suggesting
> the options for somebody who does want all that stuff.
> -- b


Brett I. Holcomb
AKA Grunt <><

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