Help and default browser (XFCE4)

Peter Milne peter at
Thu Jul 31 18:49:36 CEST 2003

Lane P. Lester said:

> I'm sorry I wasn't more clear. Right click on the browser icon in the
> (the panel has the things you want to run; the taskbar has the things
> you're already running). Click on "Properties..." In the dialogue that
> pops up, edit the Command field to contain the path to your browser
> of choice. Change the Tooltip field to the name of your browser. And if
> you're feeling more adventurous, you can set Icon to "Other Icon" and
> browse to the right icon for your browser. Then click "Done" and you
> are!
> Lane


I think you are misunderstanding my issue.  I am trying to make it so when
I click on Xfce4 manual, it will open up with my broswer.  Or when I click
the 'help' button, it opens my browser and doesnt try to open Mozilla.



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