French Translation?

tipaul at tipaul at
Thu Jul 31 15:36:37 CEST 2003

>> Why doesn't XFCE4 set itself to french when I select Language French
>> in my GDM login screen?... That's another variable?
> Well GDM is not magic and moreover not in charge of language chosing. It
> just pretends to be.

So is there a login manager that really change the session language?
I was thinking that there must be a "unified" way for setting language...
Because when I selected French or English, Gnome and KDE was set

Excuse-me if I wasn't aware of the way it was working...

>> (I'm at job... That's why I didn't try anything right now... And if
>> someone could answer me today, It'll cut my testing time tonight!) ;)
> All of us are working at the moment so be patiened.

Yup!... Don't want to bother anyone. ;)

And a last question: the BROWSER and LC_ALL (and others) variables, are
they set by default by XFCE4 in the .bashrc? Or the .bashrc isn't touched
by the installation of XFCE4?

Thanks for your reply!

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