Some questions for a newbie

Jack Coates jack at
Mon Jul 28 04:22:20 CEST 2003

On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 18:01, Joe Klemmer wrote:
> On Sun, 2003-07-27 at 15:28, Jack Coates wrote:
> > If you're into networks, you'll want to use root privileges a lot. Some
> > tools I use all the time: iptraf, ethereal, tcpdump, etherape, ettercap,
> > those all need root to open the ethernet card's promiscuous mode.
> sudo iptraf
> sudo [t]ethereal
> sudo tcpdump
> ...
> You get the idea.

of course I do -- and I was the first to suggest sudo without passwords
to the OP :-) This was a response to someone who couldn't think why a
user would need root priv's at all.
Jack Coates
Monkeynoodle: A Scientific Venture...

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