[Fwd: Please build the XFCE 4 Debs and make them accessible]

Brian Masinick masinick at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 16:56:59 CEST 2003

Lane P. Lester wrote:

>Brian Masinick <masinick at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>I asked Martin if he'd build some XFCE 4 Debs for those of us who like
>>to use Debian software.
>Thank you, so did I. Does he reply to these requests?
>Lane P. Lester / Madison County, Georgia
>**Running Linux more and Windows less**

Haven't heard anything back, I can only hope.  I did not have any luck 
building from source.  I kept running into problems right at the 
configure step, before even running make or make install.   I did try 
out the Mandrake 9.1 RPM packages and the nice wget utility that someone 
put together on the Web site, and that worked out nicely.  I'd still 
rather test this out on my Debian system, though.

Brian Masinick
mailto:masinick at yahoo.com

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