Gnome-help problem

P. Ekholm pelle.ekh at
Tue Jul 15 22:10:37 CEST 2003


When try to start help content in gnome2 programs with F1 or from menu 
help-browser crashes. I have a stock redhat 9 system. In gnome it is no 
problem and starting the program from terminal in xfce or mark the "run 
in terminal" option in panel launcher fix the problem too. If i start 
from xfce-panel without that, help-browser crash. And is not starting 
up at all. Just an error window. Why? And what to do? Possibly a bug. 
But i don´t know.

xsession-errors output:
Yelp-ERROR **: [Invalid UTF-8] Could not activate Yelp:
'[Invalid UTF-8] Failed to run yelp-base: 2
(No such file or directory)'

Cheers P. Ekholm

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