Font and systray issues

Grant Goodyear g2boojum at
Sun Jul 13 23:18:48 CEST 2003

Dear all,
  I recently tried xfce4 (specifically 3.91.0) on Gentoo Linux, and I
really like it.  A couple of things that I couldn't seem to figure out
from the docs:  (a) How to get small fonts to look decent?  I'm working
on a laptop w/ a 1024x768 screen, and ideally I want to be able to have
four 80x24 terminal windows open and visible without them overlapping
with each other.  Using KDE I can use the "small" font for konsole and
everything is perfectly readable
(, but the same is not true
w/ konsole (or gnome-terminal, for that matter) in xfce4.  I'm sure that
it has something to do w/ tweaking font handling (antialiasing, hinting,
dpi, etc.) in the various DE's, since I can't find _any_ fonts that look
good at the size I want in xfce4, but I've no idea how to do that w/
xfce4.  Any advice would be appreciated!
  The second issue is that I don't think I understand how the system
tray works.  The last image on shows what happens when
I use licq and have docking turned on.  I had assumed that the icon
should be located in the system tray, as it is in KDE or fluxbox, but it
would seem I'm wrong about that.  Is there something different I should
be doing?

Grant Goodyear
Grant Goodyear <g2boojum at>
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