kstart hang at times - windows get created without window decorations

Jim McHale jmchale at EqualLogic.com
Sun Jul 13 15:37:41 CEST 2003

I've encountered this with both beta2 and a july 8th tarball, running on
a redhat 9 i386 distro. 

In my Desktop/Autostart/xfce.jim I have  a set of cmds to start various
programs. Some of the time I see a pgm doesnt get the window decorations
(so kstart seems hung since it cant move the pgm to the correct
desktop)..  If I kill the offending pgm the following programs will
start up. 

I found that adding sleeps around the kstart seemed to help but this is
a real kludge.
Here is an example of the cmds in xfce.jim:
sleep 4
firebird &
mgt jim
xemacs &
kstart --desktop 4 mgt jim
sleep 4
kstart --desktop 2 	jpilot 
sleep 4
kstart --desktop 3 --window "Inbox.*" 			evolution
sleep 4
kstart --desktop 4 rxvt 

mgt just starts multi-gnome-terminal 
An example of not getting the window decorations can be seen by running
'gaim' , having it in the system tray; click on the icon in the tray and
your buddy list opens; set it to 'stick' (so its on all workspaces);
click the icon again to close the buddy list. Now switch to desktop 2;
click the icon in the tray; The buddy list opens but without window
decorations. click the icon once to close it, now click again and the
buddy list opens with window decorations..

Any clues about the kstart issue?

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