.Xdefaults and xfce4

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Wed Jul 9 21:11:22 CEST 2003

I've seen this behavior too.  I have a specific mouse cursor type chosen,
and it works for a while, but then suddenly becomes the big X.

On Wed, 9 Jul 2003, Harry Putnam wrote:

> Experimenting on a newly installed rh9.  and xfce4. Moving up from
> rh7.3 and xfce[3].  I find my old .Xdefautls file is ignored.
> Started investigating and someone told me it needs to be .Xresources
> now.  My tests indicate that is not the case.  .Xresources
> .xresources are both ignored.
> .Xdefaults trys to work but once xfce4 is started it is also ignored.
> Let me explain that a bit:
> I have 2 xterms started from ,xfce4/xinitrc.  Somewhat indirectly in
> that a little perl script is called in .xinitrc like this:
> [from xinitrc]
>   [...]
>   date +"%m%d%y_%T" >> start.log
>   /home/reader/Desktop/Autostart/start.pl 2>&1|tee -a ./start.log
>   [...]
> start.pl reads a file with a list of apps and command line syntax
> and loops thru starting them.  Currently just xterms.  So those two
> xterms are present when the xfce desktop comes up.
> Now here is where it gets funky.  Those first two xterms obey my
> .Xdefaults settings.  But starting further xterms from inside xfce4
> desktop and those new xterms DO NOT obey my .Xdefaults but revert to
> settings found in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/XTerm
> It would appear from that evidence that xfce4 is doing something to
> block .Xdefaults.  But I'm not sure of the role gnome may play in all
> this.  I have gnome installed but using xfce4 as desktop.  Starting it
> from console mode with startxfce4.
> Does anyone here really know what all happens as regards xresources
> when starting startxfce4 from a console login?
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