Control of font size on app menus and locator boxes

Harry Putnam reader at
Wed Jul 9 16:24:17 CEST 2003

Harry Putnam <reader at> writes:

> Stephen Kuhn <skuhn at> writes:
>>> Example:  If I start netscape.  I know how to control the fonts
>>> displayed on browsed pages, but how do I control the fonts on the
>>> browser itself?  In particular the location box.  Currently I need a
>>> tunneling electron microscope to read it.
>> Couple of place you can change fonts - one being the
>> gnome-control-center => fonts ; the other being under XFCE4's setup
>> center - "user interface"; I'd tend to bet, though, that if you muck
>> around with "Gnome Control Center" you'll get the results you're
>> wanting...BTW, you DON'T have an electron microscope? Egads!
> Maybe you didn't notice that those couple of places on xfce4 `setup'
> tool have no effect whatever on the fonts cited in my message.
> Trying gnom-control-center => fonts
> I set all choices to 16 and see absoultely no change whatever either.

Does any one here know how this stuff is set?

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