User rc files in xfce4

Harry Putnam reader at
Sun Jul 6 17:55:21 CEST 2003

Joe Klemmer <klemmerj at> writes:

> 	I ran across a utility called xbindkeys that is supposed to let you map
> any keys you like for X.  I've got rpms for it at -

Thanks... haven't tried them out yet but just a heads up about that

It won't let you access rpms/ as in the url above.

rpms/ is really a symlink to ../mirror/rpms

So you can get there taking the scenic route.  But neither a web
browser (I tried mozilla) or ftp client (I tried ncftp) is allowed to
access as in the URL you posted.

But, just in case you knew but didn't say.... Can this be done inside
xfce4 ... if so what filename would handle such stuff?

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