Window-decorations redux (and programming question)

Peter N. Spotts pspotts at
Thu Jul 3 17:25:51 CEST 2003


I was perusing the archives when I came across Stephen Kuhn's question
about removing the decorations on apps that he runs on XFCE4, including
dock apps. Bottom line -- it was the application-developer's task, not
something that fell to XFCE. Then I noticed someone asking what command
string to put into a program they were building so that it would  run
without window decorations, and Oliver gave the simple string: 

gtk_window_set_decortated (GTK_WINDOW(win), FALSE;)

So, in the interestes of hacking some of these programs to fit the
no-window-decorations bill, can that string be free-standing anywhere
in the program? If one compiles things like dock apps from source code,
where or into which file might we install such a line (before compiling)
to have the dock apps drop the window dressing? The *.c file? Or
something else? To take is one step farther, is there a hack one could
imagine  that would allow a user to remove the decorations by adding a
number or character to a command-line string when launching
from.xinitrc, for example?

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