xfce4 start programs at login

Jack Coates jack at monkeynoodle.org
Wed Jul 2 20:06:36 CEST 2003

[jack at chupacabra jack]$ cat Desktop/Autostart/goodies.sh 

artsd &
rsjog &
xscreensaver -no-splash &
gkrellm &

this isn't working at all (and yes, it is executable) -- does xfce4 try
to run it?

When xfce4-panel starts, it does try to start "gkrellm -w", which comes
up in the wrong place and goes zombie when I choose quit. I then start
gkrellm manually with no issues and move it where I want it.

otherwise, it's working well enough that I've made it my default WM :-)

Jack Coates
Monkeynoodle: A Scientific Venture...

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