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To tell the truth I have not tried Rox for quite a long time.
I liked xftree better back then.

I am downloading it now. I will give it another try.

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Preben Randhol wrote:

> Mark Welker <welker at kmbs.com> wrote on 02/07/2003 (09:23) :
> > Hi,
> >
> > xffm is slower on my box than xftree also.
> > I still use xftree because I have both xfce3 and, xfce4.
> > I prefer xftree over konqueror. It is faster and simple.
> > I also like that xftree auto refreshes when you do a download or
> > change anything in the directory.
> > I tried rox but, still went back to xftree.
> Why?
> > Sometimes I don't use a file manager at all.
> > Just the command line.
> Then ROX should be more your friend. I'm a bash user myself and I found
> ROX great because you can easily make key-shortcuts. So if I press "S" I
> get a small command line and can issue a command. If I press Ctrl-T a
> terminal popps up and put cwd to the directory ROX is in at the moment.
> etc... I it is also fast to go to another path by hand. I just press "g"
> and then I get say: /home/randhol/Source/Ada95/
> If I now want to go to /home/randhol/ I only have to press backspace
> twice and I'm there. And you also have TAB completion so Mi<TAB> will
> send me to /home/randhol/Misc etc... Not to mentioned how easy it is to
> set run action, icons etc...
> Rox + Xfce4 is a very good combination IMHO.
> Preben
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