3.8.18 taskbar button names

Heiko Berges hb-mlist+xfce at bsls.de
Thu Jan 23 22:25:51 CET 2003

On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 09:51:59PM +0100, wolfgang wrote:
> so my question is rather:
> can i set some variable / tweak some xf.*rc option to enforce the title in the 
> taskbar?

> if i run "Eterm -T BLAH" the Eterm titlebar says BLAH but the xfce taskbar 
> button says Eterm 0.9*
> any ideas?

Same idea as always when this question comes up:  Read the manual.  
-T sets the title bar (and only the title bar), -n sets the application 
name (both title and iconname), the icon name is set with --icon-name.  
The icon name is the one which shows up in the taskbar. 

Of course you can set the resources *name, *title and *iconname in 


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