I want my xft :(

Edward M. Collins emcollins1 at worldnet.att.net
Thu Feb 27 20:59:57 CET 2003


I switched from SuSE 7 to Red Hat 8 in December and I installed a new
XFce 3.8.18 source rpm, built it with xft enabled, and was dismayed to
find that there seems to be no font smoothing, just jagged primitive
looking fonts, font smmothing had been working just fine under SuSE and
it works fin in both Gnome and QT apps on  Red Hat, but doesn't seem to
work on XFce in Red Hat even after uninstalling the rpm and compiling it
again with xft enabled. Does anyone know why this is happening. On the
plus side Opera runs just fine under XFce on RH8 where is under Gnome it
just segfaults. I was hoping to stick with XFce because its fast and
comfortable but with the improvements I've seen in KDE 3, especially
when compile with gcc 3 and the extra memory I installed I'm spending a
lot more time using it now. ope to try XFce 4 once I get around to a
hard drive upgrade.



Edward M. Collins <emcollins1 at worldnet.att.net>

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