graphical login with xfce

Collins erichey2 at
Wed Feb 19 17:17:48 CET 2003

On Tuesday 18 February 2003 08:59 pm, Collins wrote:
> On Tuesday 18 February 2003 03:40 pm, Dragón wrote:
> >   Don't forget wdm. It is not a bad option.
> Any help with isnstalling wdm.? I got the tarball, but it needs something
> called wraster libs.  Any clue what this is?

OK, I found the answer.  WiondowMaker must be installed, even if you don't 
plan to use it (yeagh!).

Program makes and installs OK, but when I mark it as the window manager for 
run level 5 (or equivalent) it brings up a nice window, lets me specify the 
Session I want, prompts me for user, prompts me for paqssword, then promptly 
fails to login my user (root as well), and presents me with the nice window 

Can anyone comment on what is missing?

At present, this is a pretty boat anchor!
Collins Richey - Denver Area
Athlon-XP gentoo 1.4_rc2 kde 3.1

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