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Paul paul at
Sat Feb 15 08:46:36 CET 2003

In reply to Anthony's mail, d.d. Fri, 14 Feb 2003 21:58:46 -0800:

>    Has anyone out there got OO to print with XFce?  What
>am I missing?  Gnome?  Cups?

Hi Tony,
I am running 3.8.18 as well, and printing with OO has never given me a
problem. I have the Gnome libs installed, but do not run Gnome together with
XFCE (why overdo things?). I have also installed Cups, and that seems to be
all there is to it.
OO here prints to the 'generic printer' (which is a Canon BJC4200), and it
worksed right after installing OO (version 1.0).

Good luck

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