xfce icon background transparency question

Prahlad Gupta prahlad-gupta at uiowa.edu
Thu Feb 13 21:47:36 CET 2003

I'm pretty sure this is a basic question, sorry.  I searched the xfce
mailing list archives, but couldn't find the answer.

I use xfce on Mac OS X with the xfree86 server compiled from source via the fink
project.  I also use xfce compiled via fink.

I've just upgraded xfce (via fink) from v. 3.8.10 to v 3.8.18, and
also upgraded from OS X v. 10.2.2 to 10.2.3

In the process, the icon images for application have lost their
transparency.  i.e., the checkmark monitor image for an iconified
xterm now has an ugly gray rectangle as background where previously it
had a transparent background, and showed the desktop.  Same with the
gear image.

Has anyone else encountered this?  Any suggestions on how to fix this
(or what I'm doing wrong) would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,

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