Ken Moffat kmoffat at
Mon Apr 21 22:44:13 CEST 2003

Peter Milne wrote:

>No, I am not running it.  When I ran it, I edited my .xinitrc file to start it.  Wondering if this has something to do with the WM I am using now, Icewm??

Sorry, I wasn't clear; my question is 'how are you running xfce?' Are 
you using 'startxfce' ?
I use Icewm, and am running Libranet (debian based.)
In my ~/.icewm/menu file I added the following in the Window Managers 
folder section:
    restart Xfce - startxfce
This works well here. If you run just 'xfce' you don't get the window 
manager (xfwm)
Hope this helps...

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