Small taskbar update

Staszyszyn, Marcin mstaszyszyn at
Thu Sep 26 11:17:57 CEST 2002

Hello again to everybody!

As I remember once somebody requested possibility of having only taskbar on
the screen,  without XFCE panel. I have just added this possibility to xfce
(it is in CVS's 'xfce-stable' module). In order to activate this option
please do the following:
1. update xfce from CVS ('xfce-stable' module)
2. add the following line to $HOME/.xfce/taskbarrc
Option HidePanel
3. restart xfwm
4. select 'Stand alone' mode from taskbar pop-up menu. XFCE panel should
disappear. When 'Stand alone' mode is off, panel will be shown again.

Have a nice day

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