Another debian/X question

wolfgang GeneralP.Fault at
Wed Sep 25 12:12:13 CEST 2002

In an older episode (Wednesday 25 September 2002 03:11), john-thomas richards 
> On Wed, Sep 25, 2002 at 01:52:40AM +0200, wolfgang wrote:
> > in redhat 7.3 and xfce, i can su to root and then to another user in an x
> > terminal and afterwards start an X app (xchat, licq) from that xterminal
> > as that other user.

> if i start x as user abc and su to root and then su to abc, i can start
> xapps from an x terminal.  i cannot if i start x as abc, su to root,
> then su to efg because efg has no rights to abc's display (i am running
> debian).

that is exactly what i want to change.
even if i su to root, i could not start xchat as root either (which i wouldnt 
really want to do of course) - and it doesnt make sense to me that even root 
has no rights to abc's display. since i am the only "real" user on the box, i 
don't consider that a privacy/security requirement either. 

i consider it safer to not run irc/icq clients as my normal user to prevent 
access to my personal data tho.

i remember that debian is more picky about X server permissions, but dont 
understand the details and where to change that behaviour ...


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