xdm - not xpm, sorry (was: Re: XFce in Debian's xpm?)

wolfgang GeneralP.Fault at gmx.net
Wed Sep 25 01:47:49 CEST 2002

In an older episode (Tuesday 24 September 2002 20:51), Joe Klemmer wrote:
> 	xdm does not have the option to select WM's.  It will only run the
> default WM.

thanks, thats what i already suspected ;)
i am not really into grafical login anyway ...

> I have seen a couple of utilities that let you create a
> little menu to choose WM's that sits between xdm and your WM.

yeah, a pretty good one in my view is selectwm
it is also available in debian woody and unstable, and you can also run it 
from .xinitrc so that you can select WMs.


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