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Joe Klemmer klemmerj at
Wed Sep 11 03:35:41 CEST 2002

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 12:56, Mattias Thuresson wrote:

> My file server has so far resisted all attempts at making
> it auto login into a window manager. However, I recently discovered
> userdrake, who has a setting for this. Unfortunately, the
> only wm that it will auto login is Gnome. Even if I use
> the settings both in userdrake and Mandrake Control Center
> to have it log on to XFCe, it doesn't help. Still Gnome.
> What do I do wrong?

	Auto login?  You mean like when it boots up it keeps going and starts
the WM with a user ID.  No entering name and passwd?  That is what
you're doing wrong, in my opinion.  Auto login for anything except a
desktop system not connected to the net is to dangerous, IMO.

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