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Standard RH rpms are packaged in some weird way, and does not allow xfwm
session manager to restart mozilla. Just check, if you have
/usr/lib/mozilla-1.0.0 full of shared libraries. If it is there, that's
the reason.

Explanation: /usr/bin/mozilla is just a shell script to setup several
environment variables and invoke /usr/lib/mozilla-1.0.0/mozilla-bin.
However, xfwm session manager can't realize that the original executable
name was /usr/bin/mozilla (but that's ok, that's the way it works, it's
not a bug, it's a feature :). Thus, when xfwm tries to restart
mozilla-bin, it can't find required libraries and nothing comes up.

There are three ways, how you can solve it:

1) cumbersome: rebuild mozilla, so it will keep all it's shared libraries
under /usr/lib (or /usr/local/lib, or whatever is in your /etc/ld.conf)

2) just ugly: add /usr/lib/mozilla-1.0.0 to the /etc/ld.conf (don't forget
to run /sbin/ldconfig as root!)

3) fast: look into the /usr/bin/mozilla and modify your ~/.profile to
setup MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables,
something like


On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Rich Shepard wrote:

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> Subject: Session retention
>   Since I upgraded this system to Red Hat 7.3, mozilla-1.0.0 and xfce-3.8.18
> mozilla does not automatically load on its virtual desktop when I invoke
> 'startx'. It used to do so. The virtual terminals, pine, jpilot, openoffice
> and other apps do pop (or crawl, as the case may be) back into existence
> when I start a session, but not mozilla.
>   Might anyone have ideas on why not?
> Thanks,
> Rich
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