Two questions

Rich Shepard rshepard at
Mon Sep 9 14:40:19 CEST 2002

  One is definitely xfce-related, the other isn't but I hope to learn an
answer here anyway.

  1.)  Now that I have 3.8.18 installed and running, I've set up the
pallette dialog box to _not_ apply the color scheme to individual
applications. However, now jpilot will not display in its own colors, but in
the activated window border color. I find this both ugly and difficult to
read. I've futzed and tried various things, but I cannot get jpilot to
display properly again. Any ideas? Better, yet, what's the solution?

  B.)  I upgraded mozilla to 1.0.0. I also discovered that under Edit >
Preferences > Appearances > Themes I can elect to download additional themes
from either of two sites. This worked fine when I was logged in as 'root',
but fails totall when I'm logged in as me. Both download sites refuse to
"install" selected skins. Quite puzzling and I'm hoping someone here has
some thoughts of things for me to try.



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