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> Hello,

Hi !

> I am a new new of xfce and so far I am very impressed.  I can run so
> many more applications at once compared to kde3.

That's the XFCE goal : to be a light, nice, graphical desktop and to
keep memory for your apps. After all, that's the reason why we all
use it here, isn't it ?

> Two issues:
> 1.  The main menu as I left click the mouse is set in a completely
> unreadable decorative font.  I noticed that the screen shots at the
> main web page uses a standard clear font.  How do I change this?

You probably have XFCE compiled with XFT support (aka font anti-aliasing
support) : I noticed the same problem when I compiled my XFCE with XFT
to give it a try to XFT. The best way to solve the problem is to use the
"--disable-xft" switch at configure step (./configure --disable-xft).

> 2.  In xftree I can't seem to find a way of showing my hidden folders
> (eg. ".syspheed")

Try to find a icon showing a file document with a dot at its bottom left
corner on the XFTREE toolbar : when you put your mouse cursor on it, a
tooltip displays "Hidden files". You guess it, its purpose is to toggle
hidden file display.

> Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I hope this helps you ;-)

> Richard

LiNuCe !

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