Strange behavior with upgrade to RH 7.3

Net Llama! netllama at
Fri Sep 6 01:09:05 CEST 2002

No offense, but thinking that doing that huge of an upgrade would end 
well was not a good idea.

You should have backed up your data, and installed 7.3 from scratch.

Did you build XFCE from source, or attempt to install an RPM?  I'd say 
your only hope is to build from source, since i'm guessing that youv'e 
got some fairly screwed up libs at this point.  As for cut/paste, does 
it work at all, or just not between aterm & mozilla?  Is your mouse 2 or 
3 buttons?

Rich Shepard wrote:
>   I finally had to do it: upgrade from Red Hat 6.2 to 7.3. This was, by far,
> the worst upgrade ever, and I started with RH 4.1 in 1997. Had a linux guru
> help me and it took us several days. Now, I'm trying to get things working
> as the did before, but it's very slow going.
>   For example, now I cannot move windows in Xfce, the control panel is a
> plain, solid, light grey even thought the pallette shows the different
> colors, and I can no longer cut and paste with the mouse from an aterm to,
> for example, mozilla.
>   Has anyone an idea what might be going on here? For some reason, I have
> 3.8.16 installed now rather than 3.8.18. I'm going to get that while I wait
> for a response from you folks.

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