SCP in XFTree?

wolfgang GeneralP.Fault at
Mon Sep 2 22:21:21 CEST 2002

In an older episode (Monday 02 September 2002 22:01), Richard Holt wrote:

> > how do you open a fish://user@host URL in krusader?
> Not a clue.  I've never needed to.
> It only offers ftp:// and smb:// ,  wouldn't accept any others.
> You might suggest it to them, they're working on the kde3 version.

why did you then write that opening a fish URL works even better for you in 

> the possibility to "browse" remote computers via ssh/scp exists as an addon 
> KDE, using the fish:// protocol (no kidding), see
> works fine for me in konqueror.

Also works even better, for me, in Krusader. Faster, lighter, intuitive.

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