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Collins erichey2 at
Sun Jun 30 15:58:35 CEST 2002

On Sun, 30 Jun 2002 12:59:27 +0200 "Christian V. J. Brüssow"
<cvjb at> wrote:
> It's me again,
> Christian V. J. Brüssow wrote:
> > So the name for xdaliclock is "Dali Clock".
> I've tried it with XFce 3.8.18 and xdaliclock 2.18, and it works
> with:
> Style "*Dali Clock*"    NoTitle, NoBorder
> The stars are mandatory.

OK, I found the problem - basic stupidity on my part.  Since the
default xfwmrc is supplied in /etc/X11/xfce/xfwmrc, I presumed that
the proper place for modifications would be ~/.xfce/xfwmrc, but no,
xfwm only looks for it in ~/xfwmrc.

Style "xdaliclock" works just fine.

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