a new feature for xftree?

Christian Sparka christian.sparka at eas.iis.fhg.de
Tue Jun 25 15:39:35 CEST 2002

> I'd like to register more applications by same filename.
> Example:
> (.html) (galeon) ()
> (.html) (bluefish) ()
> double-click runs galeon (1st of the list), while
> right-click shows both.

You might consider to use launcher
(http://thaumaturgy.net/~etgold/software/launcher/) instead.
The advantage is, that you have a single place only in your system to
register apps.
E.g., your xftree.reg would read, I think
(*) (launcher) ()
Similiar all other applikations.
Also, launcher detects the MIME type of a file instead of extension, which
is, IMHO, the better approach.


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