recent changes to xftree?

Neal linuxer at
Sat Jun 22 18:06:19 CEST 2002

I have had crashes of xftree on both my desktop and laptop today and
yesterday.  I am curious if there were any changes made to xftree.  

This past week I decided to try Debian.  I purchased the latest release
of Libranet and loaded it on clean, freshly initialized partitions, even
the /home partition.  XFce built and installed cleanly from
"selected-cvs" on the site.   

Xftree dies or locks up when moving, copying or deleting files and/or
directories (empty or still containg files). After a couple crashes, I
began to run xftree from a terminal.  It leaves the message "received
signal 9, cleaning up after exiting".  This happens on both machines.  

I have also had xftree crash and freeze, locking xfwm completely for
mouse.  Keyboard still active so I was able to ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a
tty screen to kill xftree.

xfwm is rock-solid as always - open, close, shade, unshade, minimize and
maximize, iconify and deiconify work flawlessly.  
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