Call for aid to the Girl Scouts

Neal linuxer at
Sat Jun 22 17:48:11 CEST 2002

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 04:01, Olivier Fourdan wrote:
> Well, actually, it's in the man page :
> $ man xfce
>        XFCE_DATA:  By  default,  xfce  looks  for its data in the
>        directory specified at compile time.  This  directory  can
>        be overridden with the environment variable XFCE_DATA.
>        DISABLE_XFCE_USER_CONFIG: When set to 1 or yes, xfce won't
>        allow any user specific configuration, it  will  not  even
>        read  user's  configuration. This is for people using xfce
>        on "set top boxes"  or  for  making  a  terminal  publicly
>        available.
> But who reads man pages nowadays ?

Thanks Oliver. I should have looked in man pages.  

I was unable to install any Linux on the machines that were donated to
the Girl Scouts.  They were old IBM Pentium machines.  I tried three
different releases of RedHat and three different Mandrake versions.  The
kernels would load in memory, but the installers would choke and give
signal 9 or signal 7.

They are expecting some Pentium II generic boxes from another donor.  I
expect to be successful with those when they arrive.

Thanks again
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