Taskbar updates

"Christian V. J. Brüssow" cvjb at epost.de
Sun Jun 16 12:33:55 CEST 2002


Olivier Fourdan wrote:
 > Marcin has updated the taskbar with new features. It's in CVS, snapshot
 > available from http://www.xfce.org/archive/xfce-cvs-snapshot.tar.gz

I've checked the new version out (cvs), and it compiled (Debian 
GNU/Linux 3.0, autoconf 2.50) without a flaw.

Now I've trouble with the new taskbar. It saves some settings into 
~/.xfce/xfce3rc, but these settings prevent the panel to start. XFwm is 
running, but no panel. When I remove the taskbar section from xfce3rc, 
everything is fine. My taskbar settings were "stand alone", "show system 
load", and the bar was at the upper border of my screen.

BTW I've made a xfce_upgrade, and restarted XFce, I've also verified 
(blue info button), that the new XFce is up and running, and there is no 
older version in my path.

Any suggestions?

Have a nice day,

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